Social and Environmental Responsibility

  • At CUBO we are aware of and take our full responsibility for the environment in which we operate.
    This is built on four important pillars:

    • our employees
    • the local communities
    • our suppliers
    • and the environment

    These four areas are of a large impact to our business and reflect where we want to be judged. To support and institutionalize our efforts, we have built a management structure around it. Today, we have a cross-functional board that steers our activities to ensure a balanced drive, so all growth under each of these pillars makes sense and is distributed equally.

      Our goal is to drive accountability and to make it public.

    We have several ongoing projects which are further strengthening those four pillars. We respect our employees and their well being is of major importance to CUBO. CUBO is build out of its employees and their families. We are closely working with local authorities and organizations not only to improve the conditions for CUBO but as well our local environment. We are also doing major work on our supply chain to formalize risk assessment, bringing it on par with the other three pillars.

    Since the start of CUBO, sustainability and environment friendly products manufactured in a way that do not pollute nor harm the world we live in was a major goal. Our components have been conforming to RoHS and REACH years before this became mandatory. The base of our components is micro-technology - which per se, limits the use of materials and resources to its minimum. Our carrier-grade transport solutions have been recognized by the Green IT initiative and our customers as THE key to effectively reduce power consumption by using the passive (hence powerless) data transport approach. We are committed to providing products and solutions that exceed all relevant statutory, regulatory, environmental and other requirements for the prevention of pollution, the elimination of waste and to reduce the energy consumption.  

    Our products are qualified by RoHS and REACH and several other Environmental Classifications, please, ask us for further information if the below documents do not meet your needs.