Components and Modules for OEM manufacturers

    At CUBO, we apply the functionality of a portfolio of optical building blocks to offer our customers uniquely compact, rugged and easily integratable components. We not only offer the full range of passive fiber-optical components, from wavelength division muliplexers, couplers and splitters to switches, adapters and attenuators, we also provide customized solutions for a broad spectrum of applications. Our ability to adapt to specific customer's needs allows us to serve not only the Data- and Telecom industry but also many further sectors like defense, medical, oil and gas exploration or security applications.

    The components may not only be adapted to specific lambda spectra, ranging from VIS to UV light but as well to varying optical fibers, from standard telecom singled mode fibers to multimode fibers, while offering the ability to adapt the performance in many ways, e.g. enabling extreme isolations of up to 90dB.

    Thanks to the reduced size of our components and the capability of integrating active elements (such as lasers and detectors, amplifiers etc) we are powering the latest generation of high-speed pluggable 40Gbase and 100Gbase transceivers, which rely achieving the high signal rates by combining lower bit streams over several optical lambdas.

    Furthermore, our components are operated and adapted to extreme environmental conditions, ranging from operation in the polar circle to deserts, from 400 bar below sea level to airborne and outer space vehicles.

    However, we not only focus on the "naked" components but also provide higher level integration services, where several optical components, often with electronics, are integrated into modules, sub-assemblies or systems. Those can also be private labeled according to customer designs and even dropped-shipped to our customer's customers.

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    Fiber-optical Transport Solutions for Carriers, ISPs, IXs and Data Centers

    We use our fiber-optical expertise to provide simple, sturdy and lowest-cost turn-key transport solutions for access, metro and long haul networks to carriers, operators, ISPs, IXs and Data Centers. Our solutions rely on our components packaged and combined with further functions to plug-and-play carrier-grade systems.

    We have a strong focus on passive transport solutions for metro and access networks. Those rely on using adequate pluggable line transceivers in the terminal equipment (DSLAM, Switch, Router etc) and directly transporting those signals via our passive mux systems over the optical fiber to the receiving terminal site. In contrast to an active transport solution the data streams are not first generated as short reach optical signals and then via an additional media / O-E-O conversion, hence an active transponder system, converted to transportable light signals. As this conversion is avoided the passive transport approach not only reduces the CAPEX by over 50% but more important significantly reduces operational expenses: Leaving the active transponder system away safes energy directly and drastically reduces air-conditioning / cooling needs as no heat is generated. It furthermore, provides a much more reliable and sturdy set-up since the passive equipment in contrast to active equipment hardly ever breaks and no software integration / upgrades or compatibility issues may arise.

    This passive transport is a flexible solution that can accommodate data rates from some Mbits to currently 500Gbps over 1 fiber-pair, bridging distances from some meters over multimode fibers to over hundred kilometers in Telecoms. Even a multi-channel bi-directional transport over one single fiber is no issue while for applications in the finance and banking sector especially the unbeatable latency of passive transport is key. We have installed and are providing this solution into major local-loop unbundling projects, DSL and LTE roll-outs, connecting FTTx street cabinets and poles as well as powering major data centers and utilities. 10s of thousands data nodes worldwide, regardless of in controlled or uncontrolled environments rely on our NETWORK-Cubes.

    Although passive transport is without doubt the first choice for a majority of applications, some require the additional use of active systems: demarcation, reach extension, conversion. Whether it comes to transport of many 10Gbps streams over hundreds of kilometers or providing simplest CPE equipment at lowest-cost points, we cover the full range of active solutions.

    CUBO's Transport-Cube combines not only demarcation, conversion, amplification, redundancy switching but also network and signal integrity features in a compact, carrier-grade and modular chassis platform suited for metro access and metro core networks.

    Providing transport solutions for CUBO does not only mean to supply high-quality systems but also includes the consulting aspect. We are helping our customers with network design and planning, offering educational training sessions and do even support the provisioning, installation and maintenance aspects of their network infrastructure. Please, contact us to learn more!