CUBO’s unique passive optical technology offers unbeatable advantages for telecommunications and industrial deployments:

    • Superior CAPEX and OPEX savings with zero power consumption and zero emissions
    • 10,000+ units already deployed throughoutEurope
    • Unquestionable reliability even in the harshest deployment conditions imaginable
    • A technical solution which is 100% manufactured in Germany
    • Modular and scalable – a future-proofed solution.

     CUBO, the green experts  

    Today, conventional active transmission solutions form the backbone of optical data networking. Such deployments are power intensive, requiring significant spares holdings and regular maintenance. There is however an alternative available today: CUBO’s passive optical solutions.

    CUBO’s high capacity, passive optical solutions provide the optimal energy conservation: our solutions need no power. With CUBO you have no need to worry about power consumption or heat dissipation. Combine these benefits with the durability of our solutions, and you will understand why so many of Europe’s leading service providers are already relying on CUBO’s solutions in their new generation access networks, enabling reliable, profitable quad play, FTTx, PON and Ethernet services to be deployed to residential and business customers. You will be impressed by our partner and customer references!

    Save OPEX  

    Minimising CAPEX and optimising OPEX expenditure is a priority in today’s networks. Let CUBO prove to you the cost savings we can achieve in your ongoing operational spending. Give us the opportunity

    Save OPEX  

    With today’s dramatically rising energy prices, saving energy is becoming an increasingly important business imperative. With the application of CUBO’s passive optical components you eliminate the power demand in your access networks completely. We even offer the benefit of additional energy savings by capping your air conditioning requirements.

    Save maintenance  

    The costs of maintenance and spares are all too often overlooked and for most deployments are a significant ongoing expense. Maintenance is unavoidable with active solutions, where a product lifetime is often limited to just a few years. CUBO’s passive optical solutions are manufactured entirely in Germany under the most exacting of manufacturing conditions. Of the 10,000+ CUBO multiplexers deployed to date, we are able to boast a product defect rate of an impressive 0%.

    Save environment  

    Concerns over climate change and its impact on our way of life grows daily. As a consequence, the demand for environmentally friendly and energy efficient solutions is set to explode in the coming years. CUBO is already at the forefront of Europe’s new generation optical access network deployments today.

    Gain performance  

    Passive transmission technology offers many advantages, including a high level of performance. With CUBO‘s multiplexers you are able to use all 18 standardised ITU CWDM channels (G.694) together with the flexibilty of a seamless upgrade to DWDM. This enables you to transfer Gbps of data over a single fibre pair (or single fibre) – pure optical transmission and fully protocol independent.

    CUBO‘s solutions also offer easy expansion or alteration of existing links, often without service interruption or manual intervention.

    Gain efficiency  

    The patented CUBO manufacturing process allows an unsurpassed miniaturisation of components, leading to the smallest WDM footprint with the highest level of optical density available on the market today. This allows CUBO to provide you with significant savings in terms of both cost and valuable space in your street cabinets, cable chambers and equipment rooms.

    CUBO’s components are modular, protocol independent, scalable and future-proof your network expansion plans.