• Connect the Cube with your choice of connectors. Since picking the right connector is important, we’ve included a brief guide to help you make the right selection. Note that most connectors are available as PC (Physical Contact) or APC (8° Angled Physical Contact) versions for high return losses, which are needed for analog and high bitrate data transmission systems.

  •   SC

    A worldwide used push / pull connector for all types of applications while offering a great value for money. SC connectors support duplex configuration, PC and APC versions are available.

  •   FC

    The first universal fiber connector and still an excellent choice if exacting precision and quality requirements need to be met. Available in both PC and APC versions.

  •   LC

    A small form factor connector that uses a new, smaller ferrule standard. Together with the small design of CUBO’s components it allows very compact system solutions.

  •   MU

    Similar to the SC type, but just half the size, this small form factor connector can be used in all kinds of applications from LANs to telecommunications. When combined with radically miniaturized components from CUBO, it ensures that not a centimeter of precious space will be wasted in optical systems.

  •   E 2000

    This push pull connector with an integrated, automatic protective cap avoids dirt on the ferrule and provides enhanced laser safety in systems with high optical power. The design as well as the color and mechanical coding support high-packing applications.