How to deliver 2.4Tbps metro networks with low cost and complexity

  • Passive, multiple 100Gbps WDM Networks

       Passive WDM transport approaches can be used to establish up to twenty-four 100Gbps services in the same way that passive DWDM 10Gbps has been used to augment capacity in metro environments.

    Cube Optics: Network Cube Shell ModuleSimilar to passive 10Gbps WDM networks, passive 100Gbps DWDM networks are installed at a fraction of the cost of the active transport counterparts.

    100Gbps DWDM solutions are enabled by 100Gbps DWDM CFP MSA compliant transceivers. Combining this new technology from Cube Optics with our 100Gbps ready DWDM Network Cube multiplexers, allows you to take advantage of the CFP DWDM transceiver tunable lasers.

    Up to 24 "differently colored" 100Gbps DWDM CFP transceivers can be transported via a 96 channel passive DWDM mux over a single-mode fiber pair.

    Cube Optics: multiple 100Gbs WDMNeed extended reach? Since the wavelengths are all within the DWDM spectrum, the Cube Optics EDFA can be used to reach distances over 100km!