Active Transport

Metro Transport

The Transport Cube series is a 2HU or 6HU modular multi-chassis based platform. It enables low-cost transport solutions for metro access and metro core applications featuring lambda conversion, 2R or 3R repeating, 1+1 transponder protection or fiber-optical protection switching and even protocol monitoring and demarcation.

The transponder cards are available for data rates from 100Mbit/s up to 11.3Gbps, covering all relevant protocols such as Ethernet, FiberChannel, OTN and SONET/SDH.

The TRANSPORT-CUBE may be modularly combined with our NETWORK-Cubes to add passive, optical W/C/D-WDM multiplexing. In addition, reaches may be extended by EDFA and SOA amplifiers which can be used in combination with the transponders or as stand-alone, to boost and / or pre-amp DWDM signals (EDFA).

With our Semiconductor Amplifier (SOA) unit you're able to extend the reach of pluggable 40Gbase-LR4 and 100Gbase-LR4 transceivers from 10 to ca. 40km. Beside it's two hot pluggable redundant power supplies it is remote accessible via Fast Ethernet (RJ-45 port).

CONREP : Long-Haul Transport

The 2HU and 6HU chassis based CONREP series is tailored to the requirements of Long-Haul and WAN applications. It covers data rates from 100Mbit to 100Gbps for all protocols by a very broad portfolio of transponder cards that enable muxponding / aggregation, signal repeaters, reach extension. 

It has the unique capability of converting between 10GbE LAN PHY to 10GbE WAN PHY.
Amplification can be included via EDFA and even RAMAN amplifier line cards, allowing to bridge hundreds of 100km without intermediate nodes. And of course, the CONREP platform also allows up to 6 degree ROADM configurations.

D-MARC: Ethernet Demarcation & Conversion

The D-MARCs are standalone and alternatively chassis based simple and low-cost manageable Media Converter and Ethernet Demarcation units. They support OAM 802.1ag and OAM 802.3ah remote management and Link Loss Forwarding.

The D-MARCs are capable for auto sensing and bandwidth control from 100Mbit to 2.67Gbps and support Ethernet Jumbo Frames.

CUBO Converter

Here will be soon more on this new product.

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