CWDM and Bandsplitter-Modules

CWDM and Bandsplitter-Modules

The WDM NETWORK-Cubes are based on the WDM-MODULAR-SHELL, which may hold up to 2 modules. The WDM-MODULAR-SHELL (height 1 HU) fits even the smallest rack systems while still leaving room for air circulation and is adaptable to all rack systems (ETSI, 19”, 23”).
The modules feature a broad range of Wideband (SDH / SONET), Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing and Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing configurations and give enough flexibility to implement a wide range of network node functions (Mux, Demux, OADMs) along any topology (point to point, mesh, ring), with the ideal scalability.

This solution is compliant with the ITU G.694.2, NEBS level 3 and Telcordia GR1221 standard, guarantying inter-operability and easy integration with any other compliant equipment. Cube Optics NETWORK-Cubes are based on the smallest footprint components available on the market, and provide the highest equipment density that can be found (depth only 12 cm).

Further more all functions as well available in splice trays or splice enclosures (-40 to 85 °C)

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