Metro Transport

Metro Transport

The Transport Cube series is a 2HU or 6HU modular multi-chassis based platform. It enables low-cost transport solutions for metro access and metro core applications featuring lambda conversion, 2R or 3R repeating, 1+1 transponder protection or fiber-optical protection switching and even protocol monitoring and demarcation.

The transponder cards are available for data rates from 100Mbit/s up to 11.3Gbps, covering all relevant protocols such as Ethernet, FiberChannel, OTN and SONET/SDH.

The TRANSPORT-CUBE may be modularly combined with our NETWORK-Cubes to add passive, optical W/C/D-WDM multiplexing. In addition, reaches may be extended by EDFA and SOA amplifiers which can be used in combination with the transponders or as stand-alone, to boost and / or pre-amp DWDM signals (EDFA).

With our Semiconductor Amplifier (SOA) unit you're able to extend the reach of pluggable 40Gbase-LR4 and 100Gbase-LR4 transceivers from 10 to ca. 40km. Beside it's two hot pluggable redundant power supplies it is remote accessible via Fast Ethernet (RJ-45 port).

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