CUBO has specialized on optical wavelength division multiplexing. We offer all types of optical muxes, ranging from simple Wideband WDM over Coarse WDM to Dense WDM. To be able to combine the different WDM grids and / or cascade several muxes we have provide the matching WDM bandsplitters. There is no grid that we do not serve, so of course we as well offer the muxes that power high-speed multi-lambda transceivers and we are happy to customize our muxes to your specific grids applied in your sensing application.


Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM) is an excellent choice for increasing bandwidth capacity while keeping costs down. 

The COLOR-Cube family, based on standard Thin Film Filter (TFF) technology with a proprietary packaging, offers you smallest component dimensions combined with an outstanding performance and reliability.

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Bandsplitter Cubes

CUBO provides a great variety of hi-isolation bandsplitters, based on Thin Film Filters (TFF): Simple Wideband WDMs which create two channels at 1310 & 1550 nm, each with a bandwidth up to 100 nm. Or different CWDM bandsplitters for CWDM upgrades and extensions from e.g. 4 channels to 8 channels. Here, an important characteristic is the number of skipped (not-useable) channels, reaching from 0 to 2 channels.

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