Passive Components

Passive Components 

Apart from all types of optical multiplexers we offer a comprehensive range of passive fiber-optical components, such as fiber-optical switches or variable optical attenuators (VOAs), fused couplers, PLC splitters, fixed attenuators, patch cords and adapters.

Switch Cubes

We offer a great variety of switches for telecom or sensor applications, ranging from 1x1 to 1x16 ports, applied in variable optical attenuation, protection, bypass switching or sensing applications, supporting multi mode to single mode, latching or non-latching with or without state monitoring.

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Fused Couplers

CUBO’s Fused Couplers are based on the classic technology of fiber fusion.

The devices are used to split respectively combine power or can even be made to be wavelength sensitive and to provide a WDM functionality.

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PLC Splitters

Our Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) Splitters are a complementary splitting option to the fused couplers. When it comes to higher splitting ratios (> 1:4) they offer a lower loss and an overall better performance.

This makes them the ideal choice for FTTx applications with splitting rations of up to 1:64. We offer them as plain devices with or without connectors but as well packaged according to your specific needs in splice trays, cassettes, line cards modules etc. 

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